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Stained concrete-Port St Lucie Concrete Contractor & Repair Services

Stained concrete is an old technique, but its popularity has been on the rise in the recent past. Concrete floors are traditionally known to be low maintenance, and durable, but incredibly ugly. Acid-staining concrete surfaces will retain low maintenance and durable properties and turn the ugly appearance into a beautiful art piece.  Most of the acid stains that you get in the market are earth tones. It comprises several shades of greens, dark reds, and browns. These shades give your floor the expensive look of marble or stone at a less cost.

The secret lies in finding the right professional to work on your stained concrete surfaces. Port St Lucie Custom Concrete Contractors is one of the brands that have the best stained concrete professionals in the region. Therefore, you can be sure of the best results when you entrust us with your project. Here are the main steps that you need to undertake when working on stained concrete surfaces.

Get Your Materials

You have to gather all the materials you need for this job before you begin to work. The process entails working with a weak acid and hence you need to fully protect yourself. Wear long pants and long sleeves, a face mask, protective eyewear, and gloves. The other materials you need include a roller, paint tray, sprayer, wet vac, broom, concrete cleaner, sealer, and an acid concrete stain.

Prepare Your Surface

These acid stains are semi-permanent and hence you cannot hide any cracks or blemishes on your concrete. Hairline cracks will give the stained concrete floor more character but make sure you repair any other thing. Clean the concrete floor to the best you can if you want to give it an excellent finish.

Apply the Stain

There are several approaches for handling this step but most people prefer using all plastic sprayers. One person will be spraying the acid on the concrete surface while another one follows behind using a broom to brush it. It will leave behind brush strokes and the sprayer should go over the surface again. Repeat the process until you finish the entire floor.

Wash Your Floor

After your floor gets enough time to react, use a water solution and baking soda to wash the floor so that you can neutralize the concrete acid stain and remove all the excess residues. Go over your concrete floor with the solution at least two times.

Apply the Sealer

After the floor dries up, apply two to three coats of the sealer using the paint roller. Once the final coat dries, you are free to start using your beautiful-looking floor. It is advisable to leave this task in the hands of professionals for the best results. The process may seem to be simple but you will not get the best results unless you have the right skills.

Top Benefits of Stained Concrete

You can apply stained concrete to both new and old concrete surfaces. This process will give your floor an aesthetically pleasing and professional look. Stained concrete offers several benefits making it one of the most popular flooring solutions in the market. Some of these benefits include

Low Maintenance: Stained concrete create smooth finishes that need minimal upkeep or maintenance and are easy to clean. All you need is a damp mop to clean it occasionally. Stained concrete floors don’t trap mold and dust among other allergens. Therefore, stained concrete will improve indoor air quality in industrial and commercial buildings.

Cost-Effectiveness: Stained concrete is an extremely affordable flooring solution especially if you are applying then over large areas like commercial buildings and large industrial plants.

Durability: Concrete stains are highly durable as they don’t peel or fade, or chip. You can seal these floors with urethane or epoxy coating to preserve the finish even further.

Attractive Finish: Stained concrete will transform an ordinary concrete slab into an aesthetically appealing and luxurious finish. It resembles some of the expensive flooring applications like glaze stone and marble.  

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