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Decorative concrete-Port St Lucie Concrete Contractor & Repair Services

One of the best finishes that you can give to your surfaces is decorative concrete. The good thing with decorative concrete is that you can personalize it to fit the unique design of your space. In this article, I will share with you some of the top decorative concrete ideas. You can use any of them to personalize these designs to your unique needs and preferences.

First, you can use decorative concrete bands around areas of non-decorative and flat concrete. The size of these decorative bands depends on the overall size of your whole space and the overall look you would like to give to it. You can use bands in any decorative concrete design such as salt finish, colored concrete, exposed aggregate, and stamped concrete, among others.

The other decorative concrete design is the one that has broom finishes. These broom finishes can either be coarse or light depending on the bristles of the broom that you decide to use. The challenge with this decorative concrete finish is that it is not as fancy as the others. However, it delivers a non-slip surface making it highly functional. However, you should not just use any broom for this decorative finish. Select the brooms that are specifically designed for this purpose.

The other popular form of decorative concrete is colored concrete. This decorative concrete comes in two primary forms. It can either be a dry shake or you can place it within the mix that you dust on top of your concrete floor.  It also depends on your personal preferences and unique needs.

The other popular type of decorative concrete is exposed aggregate. In most cases, the colorful rocks that people embedded in the concrete give the best decorative touch for your walk or driveways. Contractors generally form this decorative concrete by using water pressure and chemicals to wash away the top cement paste layer. Also, you can sandblast it so that you can have rocks that are showing through. In such a case, you can either place the rocks on top of the concrete or you can put them in the full mix.

The next approach to textured concrete is trowel or float textured concrete. It is among the most fun approaches to decorative concrete since there are so many patterns that you can make from it. These include various size arcs, swirls, or any other shape that you can imagine. You can create any texture as you wish like smooth, medium, and coarse. The tool that you use to create the pattern will determine your outcome. For instance, you can use wood floats to create coarse textures in your concrete. On the other hand, steel trowels or aluminum floats create both smooth and medium finishes.

You can also paint concrete to get a decorative finish. This type of decorative concrete can apply in any situation. The most important thing is to make sure that your concrete cures well. Therefore, if you already have concrete in your space, you can paint it to form decorative concrete.

Lastly, we have the rock salt finish as a form of decorative finish. This technique is cool because it is pretty basic and not scientific.  All you need to do is to smooth 1/8 to 3/8 inches of basic water softener salt crystals onto new concrete surfaces. After the concrete dries up, wash the surface to dissolve the salt so that you leave behind small holes.

We still have other forms of decorative concrete that we have not discussed in this content. Generally speaking, your imagination is the limitation, and you should learn to think outside the box and come up with a unique design. Port St Lucie Custom Concrete Contractors can help you to come up with the best decorative finishes for your space.

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