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Patio concrete-Port St Lucie Concrete Contractor & Repair Services

Decorating your patio does not necessarily entail the purchase of highly expensive furniture, tables, or awnings. You can make some simple things such as sealing the concrete that is underneath the base of your patio or changing its color. Patio concrete staining is a cost-effective and easy way of keeping the block in a good-looking and sturdy condition. You need to keep in mind a few steps during the process of staining your patio concrete.

The first step is selecting and buying the best stain that you most desire for your household patio. After doing this, the very first action that you need to make is pressure washing the whole concrete area of your patio. It will make sure that once you stain the patio, no dirt will get in the way hence causing the stain to spot. Rent a power washer to use in completing this process as it is the only way that will get the grime and dirt away.

Once you are done with power washing, the next item on your to-do list is cutting and soaking the grass surrounding your patio in water. It will create a protective zone surrounding the patio area so that no filth-like dirt will get to it as it continues to dry from the pressure washing. It can be so aggravating to keep on re-washing the patio even after it is complete.

The last step in patio concrete before applying the concrete stain is acid washing. However, this is a very important step in this process. The reason is that acid washing kills all the dirt and germs that could be airborne. It is the best way to remove harmful agents that can destroy your concrete content. However, you need to be careful with this last step because patio acid washing involves using some chemicals that are very dangerous. Make sure you give this material a minimum of 48 hours before staining.

Once you are done with all the above steps, use a paint roller that is attached to a long pole and begin to spread the stain in the concrete. Once you are done, give the patio concrete close to 24 hours to dry before you apply the second coat. It will give the first coat enough time to set in and will act as a primer coat that will give the second coat an excellent look after the application.

You can complete the process of patio concrete staining within three days. You spend most of the time as you wait for acid washing and your initial coat of stain to dry. You need a high level of initiative to carry out this process. Port St Lucie Custom Concrete Contractors will make sure that the process flows quickly and smoothly. Entrusting this task to their hands will give you the assurance of the best outcome from the process.

You need careful planning to be able to come up with an excellent patio. Think about where you will locate the patio and use the builder’s chalk to measure the boundaries for each. Check whether the ground is level and what lies beneath. You may have to dig as far as three-foot so as to secure the corner posts. Remove any obstructions that are hard to deal with in the place where you will be installing your patio.

The second tip is to choose the type of materials that you will use for your concrete patio. You may discover that the project goes beyond your budget. Make sure you are sure of what you want before you begin the job. Think about low maintenance as you think about the design of your outdoor patio. You need a relaxing place that will not take you a lot of effort to keep clean.

If you will be attaching the patio concrete to your house, think about the best way to create the design. It’s good to use professionals so that you don’t damage the house in any way. Do a lot of research on patio concrete designs and make sure that you are getting nothing but the best.

You also need to plan the dimensions of the furniture that you will use on the patio. Also, plan for any electrical equipment and lighting that you may wish to use. It’s good to use a site slope to give your patio concrete proper drainage.

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