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Polished concrete-Port St Lucie Concrete Contractor & Repair Services

The best places to install polished concrete are your commercial spaces and finished basements. It is among the best finishes for your inroads for both residential and commercial structures. Modern advancements give you the ability to stain and seal your concrete floors. It gives your surfaces an aesthetic appeal so that it competes with others like slate, granite, and marble at a lower cost. Polished concrete gives users a long list of benefits than other surfaces. Here are some of the top benefits of installing polished concrete in your home.

Easy to Maintain

The top advantage of polished concrete is the fact that it is easy to maintain. The challenge with carpeting is the fact that you have to vacuum the surfaces. In case you have floorboards, they will require waxing. Marble floors need special cleaners and have exposure to scuffs that call for special attention. On the contrary, polished concrete floors are highly resistant to stains and scuffs. All you need to do is mop your surfaces. It will save you a lot of cleaning costs and labor hours.

Polished Concrete Comes With Health Benefits

From the 1960s dust mites and dust increased exposure to allergies and cause several issues for people who have current respiratory problems. Carpeting has long fibers, and tiles have floorboards, grooves, and grout lines that harbor mildew, germs, and bacteria.

The good thing with polished concrete is that it is seamless and hence leaves no room for the gathering of dust mites or exposure to bacteria. Therefore, the first step towards growing an allergy-free environment is installing polished concrete.

Treated Concrete Delivers Great Value

Concrete remains to be the cheapest construction material on the market. In most cases, concrete comes pre-installed in most properties because most people use concrete slabs to build residential and commercial places. You will get some owners laying tile, carpeting, vinyl, or timber over the concrete surfaces. Therefore, concrete comes in a second to the bare earth as the initial outlay. The reflective surfaces of polished concrete also reduce interior lighting. These surfaces will remain cool during summer hence decreasing your cooling costs.

Polished Concrete surfaces are Sustainable

Do you have an interest in building an environmentally sustainable home? If yes, the concrete material should come top of your priority list. Polished concrete has a minimal environmental impact. If your home or office is built using concrete slabs, sealing or sanding the concrete will eliminate the desire to add flooring materials that are environmentally costly. The compounds that are used to finish or sand concrete floors have low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Therefore, they will neither reduce air quality nor pollute your environment. Polished concrete compounds don’t have any lasting odor.

Polished Concrete is Extremely Durable

Polished concrete is among the most durable construction materials in the whole world. Houzz.com reports that these surfaces can last for over 100 years as long as you install them properly. Therefore, it is crucial to employ well-trained and highly experienced professionals such as Port St Lucie Custom Concrete Contractors to work on your surfaces if you want the best results.  No wonder most commercial interests use polished concrete in high-traffic areas such as retail locations and showrooms. The concrete material allows your floor to breathe and hence is not susceptible to rot or moisture issues like vinyl and tiles. These last two floors trap moisture between the slab below and themselves hence leading to costly replacements.

Concrete Is a Highly Versatile Material

Property owners have several options where stains and treatments apply. If you wish to avoid the ‘wet’ appearance that comes with polished concrete, you can use silicone-based penetrating sealers. If you would like to go for salvaged wooden planks, you can stamp your concrete to mimic them. You can design it to resemble slate tiles.

Staining concrete will give it a marble-like appearance or any color that you can think of. You can ground it before applying the treatment to the level of aggregate exposure that you desire. Aggregates refer to the materials that you mix with cement to make concrete. These materials create a textured look when you expose them. In summary, you can make a polished floor any unique look that you desire.

Most properties already have concrete surfaces. Polished concrete comes with several benefits such as being environmentally friendly, healthy, cost-effective, durable, and aesthetically pleasing among others. You stand to benefit in a great way when you choose polished concrete for your flooring. The secret is choosing the right professional to work on your surface. Port St Lucie Custom Concrete Contractors rank top when looking for polished concrete professionals.

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