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Concrete Driveway resurfacing-Port St Lucie Concrete Contractor & Repair Services

Most concrete driveways tend to develop cracks over time. Most of it results from the tear and wear of driving and adverse weather conditions. In the past, when you had cracks in your driveway, the only way of repairing was by ripping it up and pouring a new surface. There is no need to do this anymore as you can apply concrete driveway resurfacing to correct some of these problems. It is more cost-effective than having to replace the whole concrete.

The first thing that you need to do before concrete driveway resurfacing is make sure that it is clean. You need to clean the driveway so that the resurfacing can be effective. The best approach is to use a pressure washer to ensure that it is clean. If there are oil stains in the driveway, get them off using a decreasing agent.  You also need to clean out all the cracks that you intend to fill. Scrape them out the best you can before pouring some bleach into these cracks. Wait for approximately ten minutes then use the pressure washer to spray these cracks out.

You will require to use the concrete dressing to fill the cracks out. Use a putty knife for smaller cracks so that you can force the dressing down the crack. In case you are dealing with large cracks, a caulking gun will give you the best service. In both cases, after filling the cracks, use the putty knife in smoothing out the dressing.

After filling the cracks, you need to cover all the expansion joints. These lines divide the concrete in your driveway into various sections. These lines exist to allow your concrete to contract and expand as the weather keeps on changing. Make sure that the expansion joints remain in their place by covering them with duct tape.

Next, you can now mix the concrete dressing. Make sure you follow the instructions that are on the bag while handling this step. You need a lot of professional guidance at this stage. Mix the concrete in very small batches and then apply it quickly. You will need one person to apply the concrete dressing as the other person mixes the next batch. You need to cover the whole driveway before the dressing can begin to dry.

Pour the concrete dressing on the slab and then spread it out accordingly. In case you are working in a small area, it is advisable to use a trowel. However, if your area is large, the best bet for concrete driveway resurfacing is a long-handled squeegee. In both cases, be keen to push hard so that the concrete dressing can get into all the crevices. It will make sure that you end up with a decently smooth surface.

While resurfacing your driveway and you don’t want a smooth finish on the concrete, just give your driveway a textured finish. Use a bristle push broom to achieve the desired texture by pulling the concrete dressing while it is still wet. It will make sure that you end up with a textured surface that will have slip-resistance features.

The last step to take is to remove the duct tape that you used to cover the expansion joints. You will need to keep off the driveway for around six hours when it is still drying. After 24 hours, you will need to protect your driveway using a sealant.

These tips will help you to get the best concrete driveway surfaces. The best way forward is to allow professionals to install these surfaces for you as they will deliver aesthetically pleasing and highly functional driveways. Port St Lucie Custom Concrete Contractors will give you the best concrete driveway resurfacing surfaces.

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